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Better Than Fan Mail
Daisy cards

Daisy cardsWhat’s better than fan mail? Thank you mail. Or a song dedicated to you. These are just a few expressions of appreciation extended to our therapy animals for the love, joy and hope they bring to the many people they and their handlers visit.Daisy play_S

Heartfelt thank you’s tell us that therapy animals make people feel happy and loved. The thank you cards shown in the upper left were dedicated to 3 year old Daisy (pictured upper right), who recently celebrated her one year anniversary of being a therapy animal. How can a face like that not make you smile and feel a bit happier?!

Gus letters 1

The beautiful letters on the Gus at workleft were written to 4 year old Golden Retriever Gus who has been a therapy animal just over a year. Here are a few of the comments – “Pet therapy helps me because it helps me let go of stress…”, while another describes Gus as “…the only one who understands”. And then there is the sentiment expressed by so many who are in a facility away from their own pet – “It is comforting to be around animals when I’m feeling lonely and miss my own pets.”

Sometimes words alone just can’t adequately express the good that therapy animals do. Lower left – Youngsters at a mental health institution creatively put new words to the tune of “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” to sing their praises of how therapy pit bull Captain Cowpants (aka “Cappy”, pictured lower right) has helped them since he started visiting them in Cappy song2011.

It’s true – therapy animals can make your heart sing!

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