PawVisits With Gus Are Liberating

Gus_Visit5 Crumpled bits of post-it notes may not seem like much to most people, but they were a security blanket for hours for one of Gus’ friends at the mental health facility where we visit. This person happens to be one of Gus’s favorites, and hasn’t been doing well and missed his last visit, which is rare. She came out today (not looking as good as usual) and kept rolling crumpled papers around in her hands over and over. When Gus nudged her hand to see what it was, she opened her hand to show him and he gave the papers a sniff. She gave the papers to me and said they were a present for Gus. I can’t explain the feeling, but the visit with Gus seemed liberating and allowed her to let go.
On another occasion, Gus made friends by the end of the visit with a patient who was afraid of him. It was a miracle that he had even agreed to come and see Gus. Yet it demonstrated once again that sometimes all you need is love, because Gus in his unconditional loving way gently helped the patient past his fear. – Maureen
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