PawThe Mane Attraction

Daisy MiniHorseTherapy mini-horse Daisy and her handler Debbie were invited to visit a mental health facility along with therapy dogs Gus and Meadow and their handlers. As typical, Daisy and Debbie arrived about a half hour early so Daisy could get out and stretch and prepare herself for the visit. When Gus and Meadow arrived, they were so excited with Daisy, that the handlers decided Daisy and Debbie should visit outside while Gus and Meadow visited indoors. That would enable Gus and Meadow to have their minds on the visit and not on Daisy.
Adults started coming outdoors in two’s andthree’s. Most asked Meadow_Daisy_Gusquestions about Daisy as they were petting her. Some decided brushing her would be fun, others looked through her book. All was going well.
Finally, the kids started coming out. One of the first to visit was a young man, who was soft spoken and very soft with Daisy. He talked to both of us and told us a bit about his life. Then he picked up a brush and started brushing Daisy’s neck. He literally lulled her to sleep. And then Daisy did something I have never seen her do in all the 16 years of doing therapy work. In a demonstration of ultimate trust, Daisy laid down! While lying at his feet so he could continue his ministrations, she dozed off for about 10 minutes. All the while, he kept brushing in a soft rhythmic way. I am still in awe of what happened. I honestly don’t know what passed between the two of them, but something obviously did. – Debbie
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