PawMore Healing in the Hospital

I just love my Libby, so much so that sometimes there are just no words. I hope she just knows. She is my heart. Today I watched a kid’s pain level go from a 6 down to a 2/3 because Liberty was snuggled up in bed with her. Everybody was teary-eyed except Liberty, who lay there on the edge of the bed with her eyes half shut, her leg braced on my shoulder, careful not to disturb the little fingers entwined in her topknot. How do you thank your dog for that? – Stacy

Liberty’s handler also shared the following story in a Pet Partners’ Handler Training Class – When a young boy we were visiting in the hospital agreed to let Liberty kiss him, she started kissing his hand, then each finger and in between the fingers. It was almost embarrassing. Soon the boy said, “Look, Mom!” and he moved his fingers for her to see. It was then we learned that after his surgery, he hadn’t been able to move his fingers. Somehow Liberty knew just what to do.
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