PawMeadow and Catherine

Meadow_Belly Rub2Meadow is a Cavalier King Charles Cocker Spaniel. She is friendly, order affectionate, and great with children, adults, and other animals. Catherine, Meadow’s handler, is as amiable and good-natured as her charge.

Meadow delights in her visits that she makes with Catherine. One of her favorite places to go is a hospital in Provo, Utah. She loves to receive belly rubs and play with the patients there.

One time Catherine decided to change things up a bit and brought a ball and some treats. Like any dog, Meadow loves treats. She will do absolutely anything for them. So as they began their visit, Catherine gave the patients some treats and showed them the tricks Meadow could do.

Instead of simply having the experience of petting and holding Meadow, these people were able to interact with her. Able to completely forget about any negative or painful thoughts they may have, they were able to immerse themselves in the joy of the experience. The level of interaction achieved really jump-started the healing process. They smiled, laughed and played, all thanks to one simple act of bringing toys and treats along for the day. – Story contributed by a UVU student

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