PawKandie and Kelly
KandieWith her therapy dog Kandie at her side, Kelly makes weekly visits to the young men at a youth detention center. Trying to make a better life for themselves away from home, these boys range in age from 12-17 years old. Since many of the boys had pets like Kandie at home, her visits bring a touch of the familiar home experience that many of them yearn for. Seeing Kandie makes their faces light up, and sometimes, this affectionate dog even makes them cry as they hold her. These boys, many of whom have gone through difficult life experiences, can feel the cathartic effect that loving an animal can provide.Similarly, Kelly and Kandie also visit health and rehabilitation centers. At these centers, people aren’t able to go home. Kelly loves to see the faces of the people when they walk into the room. Kandie also visits hospice patients who don’t have much time left to live; patients who often receive few, if any, visits from friends or family. For these people, Kandie is family. Kandie provides the visits and cuddles they often desperately need. Seniors have even kept pictures of Kandie on display because they love her so dearly. Each time Kandie returns to visit, these patients thank Kelly and Kandie for all of the pictures and visits. Kandie has a very special gift: she can pick a person out of a crowd that needs a little bit of love without much difficulty. “You can’t train for that,” says Pet Partner Kelly, “she has that intuition.” – Story contributed by a UVU student
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