PawCappy Didn’t Take the Night Off

Cappy_SquareWhile the annual TAU picnic on June 6,  2015,  was an evening of fun, appreciation and fundraising, it also turned out to be much more. A 9-year-old boy who was bitten by two dogs a few years ago needed help healing from that trauma. His parents requested to come meet the therapy dogs; one in particular named Captain Cowpants (aka “Cappy”).
Cappy volunteers regularly with children and sensed immediately that this boy needed the kind of love that only a dog can provide – giving him doggie kisses and even sitting his 70+ pound frame on the boy’s lap, which resulted in giggles. It evoked a great lesson that Cappy lovingly demonstrated that all dogs are individuals.
“It was absolutely fantastic to see the smile on his face instead of the fear,” remarked the boy’s mother. “He now has a fondness for pit bulls instead of an aversion to them. I think in the days since meeting Cappy, he’s processed what happened to him more than he has with his therapist in all those years.”
How did the young man feel about it? After an understandably big day for him, he fell asleep during the ride home, but not before saying, “Cappy was a fun dog and so were all of the other ones.”
Thank you, Cappy, for showing what the work of therapy animals is all about – helping others heal.
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