Living With Gratitude

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We begin each November with a special  event appreciating our volunteers for their dedication to sharing their animals and helping others all through the year.


We appreciate all of our volunteers and therapy animals. Therapy dog Gus, shown here, was a special guest at the event.


On November 5, 2016, approximately 60 volunteers and their significant others gathered together for Therapy Animals of Utah Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Old Mill Clubhouse Restaurant.

We are grateful to our Board of Directors for making the event possible. TAU Board Chair Gary Walton and TAU Director Deborah Carr each took a few minutes at the microphone to recognize and thank our volunteers and board members.

joyce-speaking-at-tau-dinner-01As keynote speaker, TAU volunteer Joyce took us on a journey through laughter and tears as she spoke about gratitude. Many of us have endured the death of loved ones including our animals. Her message encouraged us to focus on the positive things in our lives img_5636and develop a daily habit of gratitude for all the good that we have in our lives. Gratitude helps provide the strength to sustain us through difficult times.

Dinner attendees were encouraged to write down on a slip of paper at least two things they’re grateful for and why. Near the end of the evening, TAU Director Deborah Carr read a few of the writings aloud, and then drew names for a much coveted basket of animal-related items and first aid books img_5523for cats and dogs.

Our volunteers and therapy animals do what they do because they love their work. Seeing someone smile who was previously unresponsive, or helping speed someone’s recovery by giving them an animal visit to img_5537look forward to, or assisting a child overcome their fear of animals brings us great joy. If you are able to, or you or someone you know has been helped by Therapy Animals of Utah, or you want to express thanks for the work that our animals and volunteers do by giving a gift, please donate to Therapy Animals of Utah. Any amount will help! Thank you!

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