Honoring Honey

January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized by Director

When 7 and 1/2 year old Honey became registered as a therapy animal in July 2013, no one knew that her time to help others along their healing journey would be cut short due to health issues of her own. Honey was familiar with pain. When Honey’s handler Kristie rescued her a couple of years ago, Honey had broken teeth, scrapes and bruises.

Thanks to love and medical care, Honey recovered and revealed a puppy-like face and a lovely soft brown coat that got lighter on her back until it was the color of honey. She also had an adorable bear cub like quality to her appearance that earned her the moniker “Honey Bear.” Her personality matched her outer beauty. “Honey was so sweet and mellow, we went through therapy dog training thinking she needed to share her healing spirit with others in need,” says Kristie. In addition to volunteering as a Pet Partner team, Kristie is a nurse practicioner and an amazing, brilliant volunteer who coordinates the 12 team evaluations that TAU has every month.

During their time of volunteering as a Pet Partner team, Kristie observed, “Honey’s healing power can be felt when she leans against a person in need to give them her love, warmth and attention.” Honey and Kristie worked hard to prepare for their team evaluation, and they passed on their third try. “Honey was just a little shy, but totally loveable and you couldn’t help but smile to look at her,” commented TAU director Deborah Carr.

Honey and Kristie visited at Avalon Nursing and Rehab Center for a few times before Honey began to have health problems from a cancerous mass on her side. She passed away in December 2013 leaving many sad hearts, but beautiful memories, behind. Our gratitude and heartfelt best wishes go out to Kristie for sharing her beautiful Honey with us.

Honey, shortly after she’d been rescued and received medical care. Kristie and Honey were both “all smiles” after they passed their Pet Partner team evaluation! One of the last photos of precious Honey.
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