PawBecome a Pet Partner Team with TAU
As Utah’s only Pet Partners® affiliate (, all of our training classes and team evaluations are conducted by licensed Pet Partners instructors and evaluators. If you have your own appropriate companion animal – dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, domestic rat, hook-billed bird, pot-bellied pig, horse or llama you can join us to become registered as a Pet Partner Team. By joining TAU and Pet Partners you will be covered by Pet Partner’s liability insurance policy whenever and where ever you volunteer with your “Pet Partner®”.

There are four steps to becoming a registered Pet Partner Team:

    1. Train the “Human-End” of the leash by attending a Pet Partners Handler Training Course.
    2. Team Screening/ Evaluation of your human-animal teams’ skills and aptitude.
    3. Health screening of your animal partner by a veterinarian.
    4. Submit your registration application to the Pet Partners.


As a Pet Partner Team you have the considerable expertise of the internationally recognized Pet Partners® behind you. Pet Partners (formerly known as Delta Society) literally “wrote the book” on Animal-Assisted Therapy and continues to be the leader in the development of the field. Becoming a registered Pet Partner Team means you will have peace of mind with Pet Partner’s two million dollar liability insurance policy behind you when you volunteer with your animal. This policy does not cover you when you work in a professional capacity with your animal. Due to a high level of confidence in Pet Partners standards however, many employers prefer a Pet Partners registered team when they agree to cover you while working in a professional setting.

An outline of the steps to become a Pet Partner Team for dogs is below. Please contact the director for more information on registering cats, birds, rabbits and mini-horses or other domesticated species at :

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