Camp Hobé Visit 2016

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Therapy dog Smokey, accompanied by his handler Joanna, has some one-on-one time with a young boy.


Smokey’s presence (and kisses) delighted this youngster!


The result? An award-winning smile!


Therapy Animals of Utah is grateful for every opportunity we have to volunteer in facilities and at special events in order to help those in need and raise awareness of the benefits that therapy animals can provide. Our visits at Camp Hobé are no exception! Located in the mountains near Tooele, Utah, Camp Hobé is a special summer camp experience for children who are in treatment for or are survivors of cancer, and their siblings.


Therapy dog Kandie is a big hit with kids!

Camping and interacting with a therapy animal allows these special children to be kids and enjoy fun activities in natural surroundings. Referring to our visit there in June, Camp Hobé Executive Director Christina Beckwith, PharmD, said, “The kids really enjoyed the program.”



Therapy dog Tulie gave and received a lot of love!

Therapy Animals of Utah volunteers admit that our visits there create fun memories for us too. Once a volunteer visits at Camp Hobe, they’re generally eager to return. This year was the first year for TAU volunteer Peggy to volunteer at Camp Hobé “unleashed”. Her therapy dog, Sunny, who had accompanied her on each visit previously, passed away earlier this year. Peggy says this year’s visit at Camp Hobé was cathartic and brought special memories of fun with Sunny.

Three years ago, therapy dog Daisy and her handler Viviane conducted their first therapy visit as a team, and it was at Camp Hobé. Daisy and Viviane returned again this year to commemorate their special anniversary.  According to Daisy’s Facebook page Daisy A Day in the Life, “…Saturday, I went back to the camp to say hi to dozens of children. And a counselor was very nice and gave me belly rubs. There is no better job than being a therapy dog.” ~Daisy


Like many of our volunteers, therapy dog Daisy is a repeat visitor at Camp Hobé.


Visits like those at Camp Hobé are always rewarding and memorable, and remind us of why we do what we do!

Group Photo

We couldn’t do what we do without great volunteers! Clockwise from top left: Peggy and Lorraine (both “unleashed”), Joanna with Smokey, Jim with Tulie, Kelly with Kandie, and Viviane with Daisy.

The photos here capture some of the special moments we had with the great kids at Camp Hobé. These photos are courtesy of Therapy Animals of Utah volunteer Peggy and are shown here with permission of Camp Hobé Executive Director Christina Beckwith, PharmD.


Even therapy dog Tulie has a smile!


The kids love giving Kandie treats!


Daisy is comfortable being the center of attention!

Kandie Coloring Page

Hey, a therapy dog coloring page is a wonderful way to remember the day!


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