Joanna D. Posey

In her academic career, Joanna holds a Level 2 Professional Teacher’s Certification through the State of Utah. She has elementary and secondary teaching experience (both general and special education) in teaching reading, writing, social studies, English as a second language, and library-media. She earned her B.S. and M.A. degrees from Brigham Young University. She completed several years of doctoral studies at the University of Utah.

Joanna is known for her ability to influence others in implementing current research to make a difference in the lives of students. She writes about issues facing special education students and presents her innovative findings at regional, national, and international conferences. For many years as a topic of on-going special interest, she researched the benefits and positive interventions of therapy animals assisting struggling secondary and post-secondary students with autism.

She sees first-hand the innate value of animal therapy interventions in changing lives of those of all ages in a variety of circumstances. Upon occasion, Joanna also enjoys taking Smokey, her therapy dog, to visit students and others needing hope, encouragement and love.

Prior to her academic career, Joanna D. Posey developed an international genealogical computer business. She is the author of several educational books.

Outside her academic career, she enjoys traveling, playing golf, conducting historical research and being with her two rescued dogs, Jack and Smokey. She also looks forward in spending quality time with her dear friends and large family.

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