A Tribute to Tate

October 12, 2013 in Uncategorized by Director

We’d like to honor the life of one of our wonderful therapy animals who recently passed away. Little Man Tate was a therapy animal nearly all of his 15 years. He and his handler Nancy volunteered at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) and at many special events. At left, Tate is pictured at a Butler Middle School event in October 2012. Little Man Tate was the first Chinese Crested Hairless that many of us had seen.

TAU Executive Director Deborah Carr remembers a visit to the Lightning Peak detention center with Nancy and Tate long ago. “The toughest of the adolescent boys just seemed to lose their bravado as they tenderly held that little dog in his blanket. He brought out the best in so many people. We will miss you, Tate!”

Former Executive Director Gaelyn Derr shared, “Tate was so special! He and Nancy were truly ambassadors for TAU. Such a little guy and he gave so much happiness and brought so much joy and love to the people he met in his many years of bringing comfort, love, hope and healing to those in need.”

A mother of one of the children that Tate visited said it best when she recalled the following about Tate and Nancy, “I remember when my daughter saw Tate at the hospital. We still talk about that moment. You both did a wonderful job helping others and he will be missed by many. You are a very giving woman and I am thankful for your life and the life of Tate.”

Thank you, Nancy, for giving so much of yourself and sharing Tate with so many. He will not be forgotten!

Nancy and Tate – A fabulous therapy team!  Little Man Tate, a Chinese Crested Hairless,  volunteered at the University of Utah for more than 10 years. Nancy and Tate at a special presentation at Twin Peaks Elementary in 2012.
Tate brought joy everywhere he went. He’s shown here working his therapy “magic” at Shriners Hospital. Tate is pictured with Kaylee. Both precious therapy animals have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  
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